Seventh Calling Bio:

If it's vintage metal sounds that you're after, then Seventh Calling is most certainly the band for you. Comprised of members Steve Handel (lead vocals, lead guitar), Walt Basswalker (bass guitar, vocals), and Dennis Pesicka (drums, percussion, vocals), Seventh Calling is prepared to make a name for themselves with metalheads worldwide, with the 2014 release of 'Battle Call.' The album was recorded between December 1 and December 7, 2013, in Traverse City, Michigan, and marks Seventh Calling's first release since 2010's 'Epidemic,' and also the first recording to feature the new line-up. Originally formed in 2006, Seventh Calling has seen several members come and go, but the one constant has always been Handel. Influenced by the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, and Mercyful Fate (among many others), Handel describes the band's sound simply - "HEAVY METAL Not death, thrash, doom....HEAVY METAL." Upon listening to 'Battle Call,' you'll instantly understand Handel's description. And as far as the album's crème de la crème, the singer/guitarist has a few selections in mind. "'Perfect Silence,' the opening track, for example. This song is a melodic heavy-hitter, with a very memorable and 'sing or hum along' chorus. Then we also have a track like the title track, which is a 'rise to arms' - a call to our cause of the true heavy metal movement. This song is a riff-laden song with high vocals and a thick chanting of backgrounds, drum fills, and much more." "And also, we have a song like 'Stand.' This is a 'classic style' anthem for standing up for your rights, and fighting for what you believe in. Once again, a HUGE sing-along or memorable melody line with a great middle breakdown. The very traditional story line of the ages that is redone in Seventh Calling fashion. "Surely, 'Battle Call' will garner the same kind of stellar reviews and feedback from the metal media that their earlier albums did, including the Metal Archives site calling their 2007 album, 'Monuments,' "A pure and true heavy metal album with no bullshit, played like pros and with their hearts in the right place." Elsewhere, the Metal Fields site described 'Epidemic' as "Handmade and true heavy metal in old school US style with amazing guitar works and powerful arrangements," while the Las Vegas Review-Journal described the band's sound as "Rooted in heavy metal tradition - strong, clean, powerful singing, blazing solos, forceful melodies - but Seventh Calling builds upon the past rather than merely aping it." As far as future plans, Handel predicts a long and successful career that lies ahead. "Our future plans are of course touring to follow up with our new release, and to continue to work on our next album, that we are already in preproduction with at this time." As heard with 'Battle Call,' you can always count on Seventh Calling to deliver the metallic goods.